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eMule v0.70a community

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Dear eMule users,

the release of eMule 0.70a is available: eMule v0.70a community.

Thanks to everyone who was running beta builds and helped to catch bugs.

The most important changes are in disk I/O handling; this should take care of frozen GUI issue and improve performance at high speeds.

Requirements are still the same: at least Windows XP; 32-bit and 64-bit executables are available.
Replacement of the existing executable is a valid way to upgrade.

New and improved internal features
Using I/O completion ports for disk operations
Upload SpeedSense is 'not recommended'
Allow MediaInfo.dll up to 23.10 (Windows XP is limited to 21.03)
Better handling of UNC shares
Tweaked a few other code parts including upload bandwidth management
Visual Studio 2022 and updated libraries were used.

Changes in GUI
UNC shares can be added to the tree control in Options->Directories
Show key icon overlay in server list if server reply has "can use obfuscation" flag
Tray icon should be functional always; even after display driver change
Display long file name below shared files list when Details panel is hidden
Always show/restore the main window when activating Exit dialog
Added large mule head application icon for high resolution displays

A remark on 'anti-leecher' code in old eMule mods that could block peers with 0.60 version number
First, currently there is no real need to use such "helpers".
Second, some users suggested to bump version to 0.70.
Will this prevent blockings? Not necessarily. For example, poorly written version check may block anything above 0.50.

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